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A word of caution


Hello friends!

Mom said to let you know that our parking lot is very icy and slippery this morning.
She spread 100lbs of ice melt on the sidewalk and 1/2 the parking lot but it's still  pretty slippery.

It was so icy when we came in I didn't think Mom was going to be able to stop.
Even being low to the ground with sturdy legs, I almost fell going into the Shop.

One more thing this morning.
I've copied a post my Mom put on Facebook just before Christmas about choosing a service/repair person for your sewing machine below. It's a little long but I strongly encourage you to read it it's entirely.
We have been made aware of a situation in our area that has prompted this article Mom wrote.
Mom will tell you if she will work on your sewing machine. She doesn't work on every single model for various reasons. She will work on most of them.
Also, if she has not worked on a machine model you have, she will tell you that she is normally willing to try but if she runs into a situation where she is concerned about breaking something or there is already a broken part  on you sewing machine, she will stop, call you and discuss the situation with you before going any further.
In some cases, she may recommend you take it to an Authorized Dealer to do the work.
Please, please read the article entirely.

Hello everyone. I want to take a moment of your time to address the importance of choosing a trusted sewing machine service technician and/or dealer.
If you use a service technician who cannot provide you with proof of factory certification or you do not know the service technician and/or you haven’t been given a recommendation, use caution.
You could find yourself getting a damaged or ruined sewing machine back and/or over charged for unprofessional workmanship.
Your sewing machine is a precision machine and can easily be damaged or ruined beyond repair if not properly serviced/repaired by an experienced service technician.
If you have a newer sewing machine that has a warranty, usually for parts only, that is need of repair, we recommend you take your sewing machine to a factory certified dealer.

We strongly recommend when buying a new sewing machine, you buy one from your local dealer.
Please do not buy a new sewing machine online. We also don’t recommend buying a sewing machine from a big box store. You may think your getting a better “deal” but who is going to service and/or repair your sewing machine when something goes awry. Or help educate you on using your sewing machine.
The price you pay at a dealer includes warranty labor coverage for the first year of ownership and often at least one professional cleaning. Your sewing machine dealer isn’t going to repair your online “deal” for nothing.
You will have pay dealer labor costs on that online “deal” or pay shipping costs to send your sewing machine to the manufacturer for repairs.

When purchasing a sewing machine, please keep this in mind. Are you willing to travel the distance and time needed to have your sewing machine serviced/repaired by the dealer you bought the sewing machine from.
Sewing machine labor warranties are not like car labor warranties. The labor warranty on sewing machines only apply to the dealer you bought your sewing machine from.
Our service technician will be honest about her ability to service or repair your sewing machine. We will never do any repairs without your authorization and an estimate on parts and labor costs.
If the person you take your sewing machine to for service/repair, is unwilling or not up front on the above subject, you may want to find a more trusted service technician.
As you may have guessed, it was brought to our attention about some folks in our area that have experienced some problems regarding service/repairs on their sewing machines.
We strive to educate our followers to hopefully prevent them from having a bad experience in having your sewing machine serviced or repaired.

Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to read Mom's article.
It is very important to us to help keep our customer's informed to the best of our ability.

One more thing,  Mom has had some requests to offer her Basic Sewing Machine Maintenance Class again.
She will be having a class on Saturday, January 19th. 10a-12Noon
The class will be $10.00.
The class will teach you where you can and should not access your sewing machine. It will show you how to do basic maintenance on your sewing machine.
Basic maintenance will help keep your best friend running better, prevent broken gears, and to get your sewing machine back faster after a professional cleaning.
Mom will show you tension adjustments on top and bobbin threads as well.
This class is for modern and vintage sewing machines
We encourage your to bring in your sewing machine to get to understand her better.
Seating is limited. If you wish to attend this class, reservations must be made by January 16th.

Sorry, I've sent out so many emails this month. I forgot to add a lot of this in our January Newsletter.
My brain was still on vacation.

Your Pal,