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3D Joy Quilt

Pattern for a 3D kit
A vase, table, and alcove pattern
Flower pattern not included so that you may ass your own flower design
Finished Size: approx. 22"X24"

Tools Required:

  • Terial Magic fabric solution
  • Terial Arts flower pattern of your choice
  • quick set glue or low heat hot glue gun

Fabric Requirements:
Tile Wall Background 1/2 yard
Optional Gradient tile wall background 2/3 yard
Arched fore wall 2/3 yard
Table top 1/8 yard
Table front 1/16 yard
Vase 4"X8" yard
Vase Shine 2"X8" piece
Stem Pockets 3"X10" piece
Batting 22"X26" piece
Binding 1/4 Yard
Backing 22"X26" piece
Recommended Fabric: Fabrics with saturated color on both sides, (batiks and some quilt cottons) work best for two sided realistic appearance.