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March Newsletter

Gosh! Marching March is here!

You know what that means...we're closer to Spring and warmer weather.  Hopefully, not so much wind. I ruffles my fur terribly.

I look like I have Mom's bed hair.

Mom says March is the month of Shamrock Shakes, Arby Mint Shakes, green beer and kite flying.

I do admit I love it when Mom gets one of her green milkshakes because they have a tongue hole at the top of the cap so I can lick the whipped cream when Mom isn't paying attention. I think the tongue hole is such a wonderful idea so we pups can have a taste, too. Mom says that's not what the hole is for. I ask, then why would they put a tongue hole in the milkshake caps if it's not to share your milkshake with your fur kids. Mom just rolls her eyes at me.


Well, onto the newsletter, I suppose.

We are into Week 4 of the Mystery Quilt. I will be putting Clue #4 on after finishing the newsletter. 

I tell ya, a dog's job is never done.

Saturday, March 2nd is our Free Pattern and Demo Day at 10am

We are expanding to include counted cross stitch and hand embroidery.

We have some kits, embroidery hoops, floss bobbins and adia cloth in stock.

Our DMC display should be arriving by the end of March.  We will keep you posted when it arrives and we have it ready and stocked.

We also have some new fabrics in and a gorgous jungle panel


The gorgous Jungle panel by QT Fabrics                                  Coordinating jungle fabrics, plus a cat and dinosaur fabrics by QT


We brought in an anti-vibration mat for under sewing machines.  We haven't had a chance to try them out yet but they look promising.

We have 2 more fabrics to show you by QT Fabrics

I can think of a few cool projects, an organizer to go under your sewing machine, sewing machine cover, mug mats, bags.

I'm sure you can think of more projects.

Our Sale for next week is 20% Off Regular Priced Panels.

This sale is on until 3/9/24

I think I've covered everything for this month.

Have a wonderful, safe St. Patrick's Day.


Keeping you in Stitches,

Obi the Wonder Dog