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Hello friends!

We hope you had a great Independence Day weekend.

We're rested and ready to tackle the rest of the year.

I hate to say it but....

It's time to start those Christmas projects in order to get them done in time.

To help you kick start those projects we have:

30% Off Regular Christmas Fabrics

minimum 1 yard cut

We still have 30% Off Regular Priced Patriot Fabrics on sale until Saturday, July 8th.

minimum 1 yard cut

We are working on the floor in the middle room.

We're trying to do the painting later in the afternoon to keep down odors and prevent customers from walking on the floor.

If the floor is wet, we will take you aroung to the employee door to get access to the fabrics and other products.

Keeping the younger dogs off the floor has been challenging. I, however, am being a good dog and staying off the floor when it's wet.

Have a great week everyone.

It's great to have some extra time off but it's great to be back.

Mom really messed up my schedule with all this time off.

We'll see you soon!

Your Pal,

Obi the Wonder Dog