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Re write

Hello again.
The e newsletter I sent yesterday didn't go anywhere, even though it said it was sent.
My tail is not wagging right now.
I'm going to try it again.
Phil the groundhog saw his shadow and he says we're going to see Spring in 6 weeks.
I, personally, would like to eat the woodchuck. But Mom says I can't.
Why do people use a rodent to determine when Spring is coming?
I think you should use dogs. We're much smarter.
We're getting a jump on Spring with 30% Off Regular Priced Florals!
minimum 1 yard cut

We're also taking 30% Off Books and Patterns!


It's a great time to add some Florals to you stash and books or patterns to your library.
Our Sale ends 2/18/23

February's newsletter, I promised to send you photos of our new fabrics.
Here they are:

New Moda's are in. Ruby Society collection and Kansas Troubles

Princess fabrics

Grandma went wild buying batiks.
We have lots of batiks to choose from

We would like to give Cathie Wiggs a huge "THANK YOU!"  for teaching our February Free Pattern & Demo Day.
A huge "Thank You!" for everyone that braved the frigid temperatures to attend our Free Pattern & Demo Day
I would like to remind everyone about our Facebook Live Fabric Reveal Party every Saturday at 1:30.
You can also watch it later if your busy.
Mom has been doing the FB Live, since Grandma's voice isn't back to full capacity.
Grandma is back in the Shop most days.
Mom encourages to go in the back room to rest every few hours until she gets back to full strength.
Tamiya takes naps with Grandma.
We hope everyone has a great weekend and we hope to see you soon!
Keeping you in Stitches,
Obi the Wonder Dog