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December Newsletter

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.

November didn't end that well and December isn't starting out that well, either.
This pupper is writing the newsletter from home this month.
Mom has RSV and she's shared it with Grandma.
So, Tamiya & I are home taking care of Mom, while Moda is home taking care of Grandma.
Mom's been doing a lot of sleeping and trying to keep moving about a little bit. She got hit pretty hard with it.

Due to Mom's "generosity" in sharing her germs, we will not be having Free Pattern and Demo Day nor Fabric Reveal on Saturday.

We do have some exciting news!

We are now a Glide thread dealer!
Glide thread is used mostly by long armers and is loved for the smooth finished thread that glides through the fabric. We're very excited about bringing you this new product. We have about 8 different colors in stock and have the thread card next to the display rack so you can order whatever color you like.
It's made in the USA.

But! Wait! There's more!

We will be having a BIG SALE December 9-10th.
This is a great time to get stocking stuffers and Secret Santa gifts.
Write a list for your loved ones and send them in for that special gift you really want.
We have one Oliso iron, a few ruler cutters and wool mats in stock.
This is the perfect time to send the hubby or kids in for one.
The wool mat is the bees knees for pressing and the Oliso iron lifts itself off the pressing mat or ironing board. We love ours.
It's also a great time to get stocked up on fabric to finish up those UFO's you said you're going to get done before New Year's.

Because, I'm writing from home, I don't have any photos to show of our new fabrics. But we have lots of new fabrics in the Shop and more coming in.  Mom has no clue what is coming in because everything is fabric Grandma ordered while she was out of commission last winter.

Mom is going to see if she can put the sale for next week on the computer so those who want to order online can join in on the Sale.
After Mom gets better, she will be working hard to get everyone's sewing machines serviced and back to their humans.
She and Grandma will not be in the Shop December 11-18th.

Mom is stirring. I have to tend to her and make sure she doesn't overdue it.

We hope to see you soon.
Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Keeping you in Stitches,
Obi the Wonder Dog, Tamiya, Moda, Maryanne, Mary Lou & Scott