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November Newsletter

Hello Friends!

I hope you had a Happy Halloween. As a thick furred pup, I'm enjoying this cooler weather.  Moda and Tamiya aren't.  Wimpy little dogs.

We've got a few things going on this month
We've got our Free Pattern and Demo Day this coming Saturday, October 5, 2022 at 10am.

Mom is going to teach her Sewing Machine Maintenance Class this month.
First Sewing Machine Maintenance Class will be on Wednesday, November 16th at 3pm.
Second Sewing Machine Maintenance Class will be on Saturday, November 19th at 10am.
Fee for the Class is $35.00.
Sign up is no later than Saturday, November 12th.
Mom will teach you where and where not to go into your sewing machine to do everyday maintenance on your best friend.
She will be teaching maintenance on both new and vintage sewing machines.
Bobbin tension adjustment instruction and the difference in good and disposable sewing machines is also part of this class.
This class does not replace professionally serving of your sewing machine
People are encouraged to bring their sewing machine in for this class.

We've gotten in some new and interesting fabrics in the Shop this month.

This blue collection reminds me of the                     Beautiful Winter/Christmas fabrics
embroidery on jeans in the 1970's

             Cozy kids and fun flannels                      Fun dinosaurs  prints. These would be great pillowcases

This is the cat's meow and some hearts                              Some nice browns, including Mothra

Be sure to check out our Facebook Live Fabric Reveal Party every Saturday at 1:15pm.                             

I think I've covered everything for this month.
I'm ready to go home and take over the sofa so no one can sit on it.
I'm hoping Mom and Justin will be taking me to Waverly Glen this weekend so I can do some wading the the water.  Last weekend, they took me to Ithaca to go for a hike and swimming in one of the creeks.  That was so much fun! Even Tamiya went. She only did a little wading. Boy, did I love going for an nice swim!

Have a wonderful weekend! It supposed to be nice out.

Happy Thanksgiving!
We hope to see you soon!
Tamiya and I need some belly rubs and back scratches.

Keeping You in Stitches,
Obi the Wonder Dog, Moda, Tamiya, Maryanne, Mary Lou & Scott