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July Newsletter

Happy Summer and Independence Day!

I can't believe I'm writing the July Newsletter.
I've been spending my days hanging out in my pool, going for walks & lay around in the air conditioning.
I have a very ruff life.

We've got a lot going on around the Shop this Summer.
My cousin, Emily, is painting our fence and paint barn quilt blocks. Tamiya "helped" paint the fence in the backyard. She was covered from ears to toes in white paint.  Moda keeps escaping the backyard to supervise Emily's progress out front. I have been behaving myself. I supervised the painting of the backyard from a distance. Emily is doing a great job.
We're replacing the original Shop signs Mom made almost 10 years ago with barn quilt blocks
Mom also made a little alcove in the back yard to sit.
Uncle Scott has been working on our garden in the back yard.  Mom still has to pick up some mulch for it.

More barn quilt block will be added to the fence.

The sitting alcove Mom created.

Uncle Scott put in a lot of plants. Obi's wading pool in out there, too.

Not only is there a lot going on outside the Shop, there's a lot of new fabrics and other goodies in the Shop.
The hot project this year is the cozy bowl. There are 2 sizes, casserole size and ice cream bowl size.
Mom says the little ones would be perfect to keep your ice cream cold and your hand warm while eating ice cream.
Be sure to use 100% COTTON THREAD, FABRIC AND BATTING. DO NOT USE METALLIC FABRICS when making these bowls. Anything beside cotton will melt and/or possibly catch fire in the microwave. The metallic in the fabrics will create all kinds of scary havoc in the microwave.
small pre-cut batting and large pre cut batting with the pattern directions on the front of the package.

Creative Grids Bowl Cozy template for both sizes for those who don't want to use the pre cut battting.

This is last month's BLOCK but it didn't arrive in time to get into the June Newsletter.

                                       These are journals. They're pretty cool!

Set# 2 of the Quilt Builder Card Deck is here.    Pineapple foundation papers have arrived.
The Christmas 3 yard quilt book is here! We rotate the other 3 yard quilt books in stock to keep things interesting. You can never tell which 3 yard books you'll find in the Shop.

Some new Moda fabrics. The first photo are Kansas Troubles' Maple Hill. We have Maple Charm Packs, too.
                                              Moda's Christmas Faire Collection
                                                      Studioe Fall Collection

I'm sure your all thinking, "Yuck, Fall and Christmas fabrics!" But it's the time of year to start those Fall & Christmas projects. Picking out patterns and getting the fabrics around.

Grandma has decided to take a break from her Pattern & Demo Day for the Summer. She will start them back up this Fall. A lot of folks are off doing gardening, camping, hiking & traveling during this time of year.

This week, we have 25% OFF PATRIOTIC FABRICS, MINIMUM 1 YARD CUT. It ends 7/2/22.



We still haven't gotten our information on the 6 month BOM we've introduced to you. Shipping is very spotty still.  When we get the digital sample and figure out the price of the monthly kits, we will send out a special email just on the BOM.

I think I've covered everything for this month. As you can see, we've had a very busy Summer so far.
I hope to see you soon.  Tamiya and I need more belly rubs. We just don't get enough of them, we're very needy puppies.
Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July!

Keeping You in Stitches,
Obi the Wonder Dog, Moda, Tamiya (aka Shorty), Maryanne, Mary Lou & Scott