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Some important updates regarding the Shop


Hello everyone!

Here's some important updates.

We will be closed Friday, January 21st.  Mom is having her surgery on that day. 
Tamiya and I told her, we wanted to be there with her to protect her.
But she said dogs aren't allowed in the hospital so we have to stay home.
I must say, I'm definitely not happy about this at all. I should be able to be with her. She might need me.
She tried to reassure me, she will be fine. I'm not convinced.

Monica & Denise will be running the Shop for us on Saturday, January 22nd.
We will be open 10a-1pm on Saturday.

Mom will not be accepting any sewing machines for service or repair until the doctor says she can start lifting things again.  It looks like it will probably be late March or early April before Mom can do any lifting.

Face masks are still required while in the Shop.
Mom doesn't need Grandma, Monica or Denise giving her something.
I don't think coughing, sneezing, etc would be good for her.  She's going to be feeling bad enough.

Mom will probably be out of the Shop for at about 6-8 weeks. She will still won't be able to lift or carry stuff for some time after she's back in the Shop.

I'm hoping Grandma will bring me to the Shop with her when she comes back.
I have a feeling it's going to be pretty boring hanging out with Mom for a while.  She won't even be able to throw a toy or chase.  Just head pats and belly rubs if I get on the sofa with her.

We'll keep you updated on Mom's progress and be waiting for her to return to work.
The hard part is going to keep her resting and limiting her to just taking small walks.  She's not one for sitting around for long.

Grandma and I will see you next week.

Your Pal,
Obi the Wonder Dog