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Bingo Shop Hop Starts Friday


The BINGO Shop Hop starts tomorrow (Friday, October 29th).
It runs until Saturday, November 13th.

For every purchase under $50.00 you will receive one (1) stamp.
For purchases over $50.00 you will receive a bonus stamp.
If you bring a a gift for a family or child in need, such as a pillow case, small lap quilt, reading pillow, stuffed animal, etc. you will receive a bonus stamp.

You may only donate as much as you want but you will only receive ONE (1) donation bonus stamp from ONE shop.

Stop in the Shop, buy some fabric and get your BINGO CARD and set of Shop Hop rules!

There are approximately 25 shops participating in this year's shop hop.

Our BINGO CARDS will have all participating shops with addresses and hours printed on the back of the BINGO CARD

Let's go HOPPING!

Your Pal,
Obi the Wonder Dog