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August Newsletter

Hellllooooo, quilters!

I had to get my Husky howl in this month's newsletter.
What happen to the dog days of summer?
All I've seen is rain, rain and more rain. My coat should be a lot nicer than it is from all the rainwater.

Last weekend, I got to go the Broome County Fair.  Mom's friends showed their cows up there.
Even though they don't like dogs in the barn, I'm such a good boy, they let me hang out there during the rainstorm so I wouldn't be scared and alone in Mom's truck. I sat on Mom's lap most of the time, getting lots of ear scratches and head pats from people in the barn.  Everyone who met me, fell in love with me.
I did get a little nervous when I lost track of Denise. She might've needed my protection and I couldn't see her.  I felt better when she came back.
Cows are strange looking critters. They were just as curious about me as I was about them.  One hit me in the head with her tail. I thought that was kinda rude. Mom told me to stay away from the cows, I might get kicked and that would not be good.

Because I was such a good boy, Mom & Grandma took me out to dinner and ice cream when we got back to the Valley.

Enough about me and my weekend adventures.  Let's get into the Shop News.

We have lots of different fabrics coming in. Everything from Christmas to Novelties.  We got in some beautiful fall leaves fabrics that I will show you in a minute. The fabric keeps rolling in. Mom says she thinks we have enough fabric for a while.  We need to sell more to have room for the new fabrics.

If you haven't looked it up, Grandma is doing a Quilt Along on our website.
It's under Mystery Quilt and when you "click" on the Clue, it will open a window with the blocks and directions.
I think were on Week 7.  Mom needs to make up more Clue numbers.
Grandma puts the directions on every Thursday on the website and she does a Facebook Live on Thursdays at 5:00p, showing how to do the blocks.
There are 2 6" blocks every week.

Mom and Grandma are still doing the Fabric Reveal Party every Saturday at 1:30p.  Grandma not only shows fabric but also new notions & patterns that have arrived in the Shop.

Sometimes Mom has to do the Fabric Reveal Party on Saturdays because Grandma isn't here. 
Don't tell Mom but I think Grandma does a better job.

On to the new fabrics we have out on the floor!
                                  Old red pickups with Christmas trees, words & snowmen by 3 Wishes

                                                       Christmas gnomes and blue snowflakes by 3 Wishes

                                  Cute woodland animals, cardinals and branches in the snow by Studioe

                                                     Gold metallic Christmas prints by QT Fabric 

                                            Fun boy and girl gnomes with snails on blue by QT Fabric
                                Old trucks in a field with flowers & American Flags by Elizabeth Studio  

                                                    Blue butterflies and yellow flowers by Benartex
                                                                  Puzzle pieces by QT Fabrics  

                                                       Autumn ferns and leaves by QT Fabrics
                                                                 Pink sand by QT Fabrics

We have $2.00 off a yard of Regular priced Fall fabrics. Minimum 1 yard cut until Saturday, August 7, 2021.

Regular priced Batiks will be $2.00 off a yard with a minimum 1 yard cut August 9-14, 2021.
Please pay close attention to the dates of these 2 sales.

That's all I can think of to cover for this month.
We are doing the Quilt Along instead of Demo Day for August.
Mom took over one of the spots we use for Demo Day and has been so busy with servicing sewing machines, she hasn't had time to reconfigure for demo classes.

We have an interesting event planned for September. 
The only hint I'm giving you is it involves fun and fabric.
I will fill you in later in the month or beginning of September.

Keeping you in Stitches,
Obi the Wonder Dog, Moda, Maryanne & Mary Lou