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The April-May Construction Update

Hello everyone!
Mom said I need to send you an email on the latest updates on the Rt.199 construction.
They have a section of Spring Street between Alliger's House of Wings and the railroad tracks by Croft Lumber and the Dodge Dealership one way. It is only open for Northbound traffic.
If you are coming from I-86/Rt. 17, we suggest you take Exit 60 to 220 South
The map below will show you in GREEN how to get to the Shop coming from the East I-86 to 220.
If you're coming from West I-86 to 220, the RED will show you how to get off I-86 to 220 and the GREEN will show you how to get to the Shop.
The 2 YELLOW lines show you where the current construction areas are.
If you do get off Exit 60, follow the DETOUR
signs for Rt 199. The DETOUR will bring you out onto Keystone Ave. near McDonald's and KFC. Stay on Keystone Ave and you will have to go through the second construction area at the corner of Keystone Ave. and Lockhart St.
If you need to go to the hospital, Mom suggests using the same route to the Shop but instead of turning on Franklin St, stay on Lockhart St. and go through the construction at the corner of Keystone and Lockhart area.

We will keep you updated as much as we can on the Rt. 199 construction throughout the Spring and Summer.
Have a great week, everyone!
Your Pal,
Obi the Wonder Dog