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Pattern and Pattern Book Sale

Happy Snowy Monday Morning!

The Husky in me is loving all this snow.  Mom, Elizabeth, Grandma & Moda not so much.

This week we're taking 25% Off all Regular Priced Patterns and Pattern Books.

Can't make it it in?
No Problem. They're on sale on the website, too!
Our website is becoming more internet friendly, making it easier for us to extend our sales to our website.
Just look up our patterns under, you guessed it, "Patterns".
Our pattern books are under, wait for it...."Books".
Yes, I'm a cheeky boy this morning.

Be safe out there this week.
Tomorrow morning, I will be helping Mom plow and shovel snow. 
Ok, I'll be napping in the backseat of the truck while Mom is plowing and shoveling.
I suggest you call us tomorrow to see if we're open. 
It's going to depend on the road conditions.

Enjoy the snow, everyone!
I will be out running and jumping through it!

Your Pal,
Obi the Wonder Dog