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Elastic back in Stock

Hello everyone!
I'm running behind on my updates.
I've been following Mom & Grandma around the Shop, helping them get all the online orders ready for shipping or curbside pick up.
On the nice days we've had, Mom propped the backdoor open and I spent the nice days, protecting the back yard from squirrels.

The first update I have is we have 1/4" flat elastic back in stock. This time we got white in.
We also have a limited amount of 3/4" and 1/2" elastic in stock.

We want to make sure everyone who needs elastic gets some. We've already had problems with people trying to hoard elastic or possibly trying to buy it for resale. We have already been made aware of someone in the Valley price gouging elastic. We intend to protect our customers from both.

The second update is Grandma is doing a Spring Mystery Quilt. She has Clues #1 & #2 on the website. Clue #3 will be up sometime today.
Every Tuesday at 3pm, she is doing a live FB tutorial on each Clue.

The Shop itself is still closed. All orders need to be done online. You can choose shipping or curbside pick up.
Sometimes our website is getting overwhelmed and may kick you off temporarily or act like it's not processing orders.
If you're unsure if your order went through, please wait about 15 minutes and check to see if you've received your confirmation and receipt.
If you're still having problems, contact us at 570-886-2296.
Online orders make the filling of orders go faster, therefore, we are discouraging phone orders if possible.
After your order is filled, we will call you.
When you arrive, we will come out to see who is picking up for whom, and get your order.
If we take a few minutes, it's probably because Mom is taking a Pit Stop or in the middle of counting out a large order of fabric and can't stop in the middle.

I hope everyone is enjoying the nice days when they're here.
I enjoyed Sunday a little too well.
I sprained my front paw while chasing with my Yellow Lab sister, Pooh Bear.
Mom gave me something for the pain and made me lay down and be still for the day.
 Every time I tried to follow her, she would take me back to my bed and tell me to lay down.
i did whine about it sometimes and she would stop what she was doing and take care of me.
She was so busy and I felt bad but I really needed my Mom.
I'm feeling much better now and am walking on all fours again.

Stay safe and healthy.
Your Pal,
Obi the Wonder Dog