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Face Mask Pattern attempt#3

Here we go. Attempt #3....
Let's see how this one goes....

I made it into a pdf file. There is also a copy of it without the photo below the link.
Please let me know if you can open the pdf so I will know if I did it right and can do it again in the future.
Thank you,

Face Mask

Guthrie Face Mask - Please read the entire page before beginning! *

Some of this sterilized paper has two layers. Please separate the layers and use up each layer! Also please note that there may be tears in some of the fabric when I removed tape, but this fabric is clean and sterilized.  Dispose of any sections that are torn.


6.5” x 7.5” Rectangle

1” x 4” Strips x 2

1” x 40” Strips x 2 – If you don’t have fabric this length, just overlap to make the length

  1. Pleat rectangle three times (about ¼” pleats).  Use of binding clips is preferable.  Please don’t put pins in the middle of the mask. Sew down both sides to secure pleats.
  2. Use the 1”x 4” strips to fold over the sides of the mask and stitch down the middle of the strip (looks like binding).
  3. Center the 1”x 40” strip and secure it to the top of the mask by folding over and sewing down the middle.  Sew down the middle of each folded tie.  Repeat on the bottom. 


Final product should be close to 4” x 7.5”. The pleats don’t like to stay put so I just place the final product under a book to help keep its shape.  The pleats will allow the mask to expand to nicely cover N95 masks.


Please keep a count of how many masks you make. When we coordinate a pick up, I would like you to put your name and the number of masks you made on a piece of paper and include it in the bag.  Let’s show what this Quilting Community is all about! Email me with any questions!

This is what I based my prototype on. It won’t look identical, but that’s ok.  Thank you so much for helping!!