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Road Construction Detour

Hello friends!

I wanted to let you know we've been informed that several roads in Sayre, including Center St., will be under going paving.
Starting Wednesday, September 11th, Center St. will be probably be closed from Keystone Ave. to our Shop.
We aren't clear on exactly when it will be closed or for how long.
Sayre Borough was going to see if they can get us an answer from the contractor.

We believe you should still be able to get to the Shop from Franklin St. and Pennsylvania Ave.

Please be aware, we also believe that only our "Enter" Driveway will be accessible during the paving process.

Here's a few alternate routes to get to our Shop.

From Keystone Ave.
 At the red light by the Dunkin Donuts, turn west onto Lockhart St., go up the hill. (You will be going the opposite direction from Robert Packer Hospital/Guthrie Clinic)
Take the first left had street (Franklin St.)
At the end of Franklin St. you will see the Shop.

From Rt. 220
Take the Athens exit, turn left at the traffic light.
After you go past Walmart, take the second street on the right (Westbrook St.). It's just before the Comfort Inn.
Follow Westbrook St. to the STOP sign.
Go straight. This is Center St.
We are past R & G Auto garage at the top of the hill on the right.

From I-86 West
Take Exit 61
Turn right at the exit.
Stay on this road until you get to the "T".
Turn left onto Keystone Ave/Rt. 199.
Go to traffic light.
Turn right onto Lockhart St. and go up the hill.
Take the first road on your right. (Franklin St.)
At the end of Franklin St. you will see the Shop.

From I-86 East
Take Exit 60.
Turn right at the end of the exit. PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS NO TURN ON RED AT THIS TRAFFIC LIGHT.
Take the first exit.
Turn left.
Turn right at traffic light.
At the next traffic light (Williams Toyota is on the left corner) turn left
You will come to a large intersection where you have the right of way. (Pennsylvania Ave.)
Turn right onto Pennsylvania Ave
Turn left at the second street (Center St.) There is a blue house on a hill on the North side of this intersection and a small brown house with an attached garage on the South side of this intersection.
Go to the top of the hill, past R & G Auto garage, and we are on the right.


I will keep you posted on when the construction work is actually beginning and when it's completed. It will probably be the day they're starting it. Communication with construction companies can be iffy and if the weather is bad, they can't lay asphalt.
You will probably be receiving several emails from me during the construction to keep everyone posted and aware of the situation.

One more thing, Clue #4 of the Mystery Quilt is now up and running on our website.
I got a late start on it this week.
Have a wonderful week. It's supposed to be at least still warm this week for the most part.

Yours in Fabric,
Obi the Wonder Dog