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This week's sale


Hi everyone!

We need to make room in our Shop!
This week we have 50% OFF all Fleece and Minky fabrics!
We have plans for the areas holding our fleece and minky fabrics, so they need to go out the door!
Come in and save!
You can make family members, friends, even your fur baby a nice soft & cozy fleece or minky blanket or quilt.
I can tell you this....puppies and kitties love fleece!
My dog & cat sisters (me, too) love to steal all the fleece blankets on the sofa and bed from Mom. My one dog sister will lay on the floor, reach up and pull a fleece blanket off the sofa or Mom to curl up with on the floor.
I had a dog brother that would steal the fleece blankets off the sofa and take them into his fort to sleep on.

Come in and get some fleece to make your family and fur kids happy.
It may also help you keep your cozy TV quilt or blanket to yourself.

I hope to see you soon!

Your Pal,
Obi the Wonder Dog