Closed on Monday

Hello quilters!

Due to the extreme cold weather tomorrow and the National Weather Service recommendation that people stay indoors, Mom & Grandma have decided to not open tomorrow.

Personally, I think Mom is just too sore from plowing and shoveling almost all day to move.  She’s moving kinda funny this afternoon. When I mentioned it to her, she said she’s fine and not moving funny. Okay, Mom...

 I went out and helped her today. I couldn’t help her shovel since I don’t have thumbs or wrists. But I did supervise her and gave her a kiss when she got back in the truck.

There sure was a lot of snow and it got really, really cold outside.
Even though I have Husky in me, it’s too cold even for me.  I haven’t been spending much time outside.
Stay inside and keep warm. 
Tomorrow will be another good sewing day.
See you on Tuesday!

Your Pal,
Obi the Chilly Wonder Dog