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This week's sale


Hello Quilters!
I'm sorry for being so late with the sales flyer.
We were very busy Saturday and ran out of time.
Yesterday, I had to take Mom home, she wasn't feeling good and take care of her.
She's feeling a little better today.
So, I'm getting this out kinda late.

This week we have 20% OFF Fall Fabrics.
We will be extending this Sale until Tuesday, August 21.

I hope everyone is safe and sound during these soggy days.
I heard about all the flooding around the area.
Hopefully, we will be able to dry out soon.
I've had enough of having to out in the rain.
Mom is going to have to get my sisters and I doggie raincoats if it keeps up.

Have a good week and we're hoping everyone stays safe and dry during these flash floods.

Your Pal,
Obi the Wonder Dog