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June Newsletter


Hello friends!

It's time for Summer to begin, right?

If you get too hot weeding that garden and I think your going to have to do that a lot this year.....
Anyway, if you get too hot weeding, stop in the Shop, it's nice and cool in here.
In fact, I'm spending a lot of my time napping in the nice cool Shop. 
Mom cleaned out my pool and put fresh water in it. She's annoyed because I would rather stay inside where it's cool than go out and get in my pool now that it has clean water in it.

It's been hard for Mom to keep up with the lawns this Spring. And her lawn tractor at home won't start so she took the push mower from the Shop home to mow. We couldn't find one the cats when she was in the tall grass at home.  I almost got lost in it,too!  That was a little scary.
It's better now. 

I'm also wagging my tail because Elizabeth is home from College for the Summer and she's back in the Shop. I sure did miss her while she was gone.

I showed you our new fabrics in the last newsletter.

This Saturday, June 2nd, is our Free Pattern and Demo Day.
It's from 10am-11am.
First come, first seating.
It's a very nice project and very useful little thing.
That's all the hint I'm going to give you.

Our sale for the week of June 4-
9, 2018 is:
15% Off Notions

I sure hope to see you at the Free Pattern and Demo Day on Saturday.

Even though, we don't have a set Class Schedule for 2018, Grandma will still teach a class if you would like to learn a new technique, pattern, etc.  As long as she's in the Shop, she can schedule a class for you. All you need to do is stop in and talk to Grandma about what your interested in learning.

It's short newsletter this month, I know. But I will keep you posted on upcoming sales and other interesting things happening around the Shop.
But it's getting my nap time and I have to wrap up the newsletter for now.
Have a great rest of your week.

Keeping you in Stitches,
Obi The Wonder Dog,  Maryanne, Mary Lou & ELizabeth