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Sorry if we missed you on Monday


We apologize if we missed you Monday afternoon.
We had an health emergency here early Monday afternoon.

Grandma thought she might've been having a heart attack & we had the ambulance come and take her to the hospital.

Fortunately, she did not have a heart attack. Her symptoms were similar to heart attack symptoms, so we didn't take any chances. Better safe and take swift action than to be sorry.  We have learned from personal experience to never, ever ignore any unusual symptoms. 

She is being kept overnight for observation and will have a stress test this morning some time to see what's going on.

We may miss you sometime today when Mom and I go pick up Grandma from the hospital.
We shouldn't be long picking up Grandma when it's time, feel free to wait or stop back a little later.

I wanted to ride with Grandma to the hospital but Mom and the EMT personnel said I couldn't.
It was pretty scary & confusing for a pup.

A huge "THANK YOU!" to Ron Kunst for making a trip down to hide our "OPEN" flag since we didn't have time to take it down.
Fortunately, a friend of Grandma's from the Sayre Historical Society was at the Shop and he was a big help while Mom was on the phone with dispatch and Grandma.
A huge "THANK YOU!" to Greater Valley Ambulance Corp for their quick response and taking care of Grandma.

Your Pal,