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Sale for week of March 19-24


Hello Quilters!

How is everyone on this almost first day of Spring.
Can you believe that tomorrow is the first day of Spring.
I'm happy to hopefully see some warm weather and green grass to lay in very soon.

I have a question for you...

Do you love Batiks?

If you do, we have a great week for you to stock up on your Batik stash!

This week I put the Batik fabrics on Sale.

Batiks are 15% Off this week until Saturday, March 24th.
There is a one (1) yard minimum cut on Sale Fabrics.

Grandma & Mom thought it was a great idea to put them on Sale for the first week of Spring.
Most of them are such bright and cheery colors.

Did you know that the art of making batiks is handed down from generation to generation?
The dyeing and stamping of batiks are all done by hand.
The artisans who stamp the design on batiks use their hands to measure where they need to place the stamp.  They use copper stamps dipped in wax to make each design.
Mom was showing me on the computer how it's done.
It's pretty cool how they make batik fabrics.

I hope to see you at the Shop this week.
I really LOVE seeing all of you!
I'm a people dog and get kinda bored and annoying when we're slow and I don't have anyone to greet.

Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine while it's here.
This looks like a great week to get out and do your own little shop hop.

Keeping you in Stitches,
Obi the Wonder Dog