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50% Off All Fleece and Minky

Hello friends,

I got busy greeting people and helping Grandma teach a class on Saturday.

I forgot to tell you about our Sale for the week of February 12th.

We have all of our fleece and minky on sale at 50% Off. There's still plenty of time to need a fleece blanket to stay cozy.
As a pupper, I can tell you that we puppers and kitties, too, love to snuggle under a fleece blanket. My Mom is always losing her fleece tv blankets to one of us.
You know how it is, you leave your seat, you loose your seat and your snuggly fleece blanket.

I couldn't remember if I had updated all of you on the restoration workshop by Purty Sewing Workshop coming to our Shop in October.
You can check out their website and sign up for the class at:

These folks travel around the country to teach these workshops. There is a ton of information and photos of past workshops they have done.

They are also on Facebook.
We hope you check them out and come to the workshop.
We will be provided lunch for both days.

I will make sure I remind you ever so often until the big event.

One more announcement:
We have several folks waiting for Northcott's Solid Navy to come in. It has been backordered until Mid-March.  We just found out this morning.
We apologize for the wait.

Have a great week, everyone!
We hope to see you soon.

Your furry pal,
Obi the Wonder Dog.