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Chance to win a Gift Certificate


Hi folks!

In December's newsletter, I had mentioned about a chance to  win a $25 or $10 Gift Certificate with a $15 minimum purchase that we were doing for our Radio Remote and Sale.

We have extended your chance to win a Gift Certificate until December 20th.

Make a $15 Minimum Purchase and get a chance to win a $25 or $10 Gift Certificate!

We hope to see you soon!

Your Pal,
P.S. I don't smell like that black and white kitty anymore. I have learned my lesson about chasing black and white smelly kitties. That was not fun. Everyone will play and snuggle with me again.
Mom said it wasn't a kitty but something called a skunk. It sure acted like a kitty, except for that smelly stuff that shot out of it's butt and hit me.