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Batting for Hurricane Quilts has Arrived


The thin loft poly batting for the Hurricane Quilts have arrived!
Quilter's Dream Batting has generously donated 5 each of craft, crib & throw thin loft poly batting.

Since Quilter's Dream Batting has donated these battings, we will not be charging people for the batting.

However, we will be requiring a $10 deposit for each batting someone picks up to make a Hurricane Quilt.
When you hand in your Hurricane Quilt/s, your money will be returned.  If you do not hand in your Hurricane Quilt the money will go towards a Lowes or Walmart gift card to be sent down to the Hurricane victims.

We would like to have them into our Shop no later than October 20th.

We already have Hurricane Quilts arriving at the Shop.

This a great way to use up your stash or maybe you still have some kids fabrics and your kids or grandkids have out grown those themes.

We need these quilts to be durable, we please ask that you use good quality fabrics. These families are still displaced and moving around.

Thank you for your support.

Obi, Moda, Maryanne & Mary Lou