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August Newsletter


OMG! It's August already!
Where is Summer disappearing to?

I have not been a happy puppy these past couple of weeks.  Too many thunderstorms for me. I hate thunderstorms. All that booming scares me a little bit. Thank goodness, I'm usually with either Mom or Grandma so they can protect me from all that noise.  I love to play in the rain, as long as it's quiet.

I've been spending most of my Summer laying around inside the cool air conditioning taking several naps during the day.  They do call it the Dog Days of Summer, don't they?
Mom says I don't ever seem to need an excuse to take a nap.

There's a little over a month left in this Summer's Row by Row Experience. There is still time to go around an pick up your patterns.
We, as of yet, do not have a Row by Row Winner in our Shop.
If our Row is in the Winning Quilt, the Winner gets a gift certificate, in addition to the bundle of 25 fat quarters.
We have been having fun meeting and visiting with new and old friends during the Row by Row Experience.
We have fun just meeting and visiting with everyone that comes in all year round.

Here's some of the new stuff around the Shop this past month:

                      Deer Panel by Wilmington Prints. It's 36" x WOF.  It's a huge panel.

                                Digital Print by Quilting Treasures. The photo doesn't do it justice!

We also have an Arrow Cabinet on display. It retails for $579.99. It's a nice medium size sewing cabinet with a hydraulic lift to raise and lower your sewing machine and some storage on the door and under the sewing machine.  It folds up to half it's size and doesn't look like a sewing cabinet. We picked white but it comes in oak and black as well.

                                             Open it up and sew with your thread close at hand
                      Lower the sewing machine just by pushing down on the machine or shelf

                                             Put the insert back into place....
                Fold the extension up, close the door and your sewing machine is in hiding.
                It's on wheels so you can easily move it around to set it out of the way.

I helped Mom put the sewing cabinet together. That's why I'm late with the newsletter. I had to move stuff out of her way so she could put it together. I'm a very helpful puppy dog. I love to help Mom. 

Next up.....

Class Schedule for August. This month I have photos of almost every class.  Except, Free Demo Day.

Saturday, August 6th   Triangle Striped Quilt   10a-2p
                                      Use a jelly roll and a layer cake to make this quilt
                                      It looks like it's tricky to make but it's not.
Yes, it's waiting to be quilted....
Saturday, August 13th  Free Pattern & Demo Day  10a-11a
                                     I don't know what Grandma has up her sleeve this month.
                                      But, I'm sure it will be interesting...
                                     I hope gets some good snacks to serve. I like to help folks finish them
                                      if they get too full to finish theirs.

Saturday, August 20th  Leaf Quilt 10A-2P
                                      Get ready for Fall with a table runner or placemats
                                           Here's a little teaser of the block

Saturday, August 27th Sweatshirt Jacket   10A-2P
                                     Get ready for Fall weather with this easy jacket
                                      This would be a great way of using up WOF scraps

We hope everyone is having a great Summer and collecting your Rows.
I'm off to help Mom with something. I don't know what but I'm sure she needs my help doing whatever she's up to. If not Mom, then maybe I can help Grandma.

We will see you soon.

Keeping you in Stitches,
Obi, Maryanne and Mary Lou