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July Newsletter


Happy Summer, Everyone!

We hope everyone is having fun in the sun and collecting your Row by Row Experience patterns and kits.

I am having fun hanging out in the air conditioning and pool.
Mom is going to put fresh water in my pool today or tomorrow.  It's so dry out, all my pool water is disappearing. Mom said it's called "evaporation". All I know is my pool water keeps going down & it's hard to lay down & cool off with only a couple inches of water in your swimming pool.

I'm sorry I'm late with the newsletter.  I was on vacation at my favorite doggie hotel/resort with my doggie aunt & sisters while Mom & Grandma took a short vacation. I've been a busy puppy since we came back to work, greeting people, keeping kids and husbands entertained, guarding the backyard from squirrels & a woodchuck. Some days, I'm very busy.


Repairs on the Shop are under way. The burnt bushes are gone, the soffit is done and most of the siding is done.  Just waiting for the new window to come in. The remaining siding & window will probably be installed on Saturday. The new bushes will be in sometime after the repairs to the building are finished.

We have a BIG SALE coming up starting Thursday, July 14 through Saturday, July 16.  It is our "Christmas in July" Sale. 20% off all Christmas Fabrics!

Saturday, July 16th is our FREE PATTERN & DEMO DAY!!! 
I don't know what Grandma has planned but it is sure to be great!

Our Class Schedule for July and August is:
Saturday, July 16: Free Pattern & Demo Day 10a-11a
Saturday, July 30: Quick Christmas Gifts 10a-2p $25
Saturday, August 6: Triangle Striped Quilt 10a-2p $30
Saturday, August 13: Free Pattern & Demo Day 10a-11a
Saturday, August 20: Get ready for Fall- Leaf Quilt, table runner or place mats 10a-2 $30
Saturday, August 27: Sweatshirt Jacket- perfect for those Fall evenings when you need a little warmth.
                                   10a-2p $30

Other news around the Shop.  Mom's elbow is healing. It's slow going but it's coming along.  I now behave myself when I'm on the leash. I stay close to Mom and don't go chasing anything or try to run over to greet someone anymore. I have learned my lesson.

Don't forget the APQS Show in Syracuse, NY from July 27-30. Here is a link to the Quilt Show for more information:
I'm sure Grandma will be taking a day off to go up and check it out.  Mom & I will be here holding down the fabric. A few of our customers and Grandma got a great deal on a Janome sewing machine up there last year.
You never know what kind of great deal you might find up there besides seeing beautiful quilts.

The Sewing Machine Doctor will be here on Thursday, July 14th.  He requires a check in the amount of $53.00 for a cleaning, made out to "Jack Sutliffe".  We highly recommend you label your sewing machine, pedal, power cord if separate from your foot pedal and any other accessories you bring with the machine.  Your machine will be ready the same day, unless you hear otherwise from Mr. Sutliffe. He will not take a machine for repairs without your permission.  We request you pick up your sewing machine within 5 days of it being cleaned. We do not want anything to happen to your machine.

I think I've covered everything for July.  I'm going to lay down in front of the door on the cool tile floor and wait for someone to come in and rub my belly.

Have a wonderful Summer and Row by Row Experience.
We look forward to seeing you during the Summer. Remember, we have air conditioning. It's nice & cool in the Shop. A great place to wander or take a class and cool off. It's a Hot Summer this year.

Keeping you in Stitches,
 Obi the Wonder Dog, Maryanne & Mary Lou