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Stay inside today


Hi everyone!
I'm just sending a quick e-mail out while Mom is trying to stay ahead of the ice.  It's a losing battle

We will be Closed today because of all the black ice on our parking lot and sidewalk.

There is standing water and black ice under the standing water in our parking lot and on our sidewalks.

Mom put a thick layer of ice melt down but it's not helping.  In fact, it's getting washed away as I peck this out.

I'm inside where it's dry, getting out this email and posting on our Facebook Page about today.
Mom said for me to do this while she's outside.

She says I smell like a wet dog when I get wet.   Well, duh! Of course I smell like a wet do when I get wet. I am a dog after all.  Sometimes I wonder about Mom.

Please stay inside and quilt today. 
Between the air and ground temperatures, black ice is under the standing water.  It's is very slippery. I was watching Mom slide around out in the parking lot trying to lay down some ice melt.  She was getting nowhere fast.
Please stay indoors where it's dry and safe.  Besides, you don't want to smell like a wet human, do you?
Ok, well, Mom's back inside, soaking wet and smelling like a wet human.
It's pouring rain outdoors and I'm going to take Mom home to get into some dry clothes, something hot to drink and sit in front of the fire for the rest of the morning.

Have a safe and dry day, friends!

Your Pal,
Obi the Wonder Dog.