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February Newsletter


Hello quilters & husbands!

Mom & I are back in the Shop after taking last week off. 
I spent the week laying around and picking on my dog & cat sisters.  It's tough being the only boy in the house.

Mom spent the week studying her Sewing Machine Repair Course she's taking.  It's very intensive & wasn't able to spend as much time playing with me and my sisters as we would have liked.  My sister, Chardonay, and I complained about that a  lot. She got through Book # 2 of 7  books she has to get through.

Grandma held down the Shop.  Mom did bring me to work for one day last week.  I missed being at the Shop and complained until she finally gave in and brought me to work. 
She was grumbling about having to take a dog to it's job and then picking me up again at the end of the day.

Here's some photos of my week off and what I did all week.  
My kitten, Ink Spot, sister, Chardonay & I slept in everyday.  Chardonay had to have her shirt on because she got cold. She doesn't have any thick fur. Mom calls her the furless wonder.

                            Then, I would move to the sofa and lay in front of the wood pellet stove.

That's pretty much how I spent my week off.
Somebody had to hold down the bed and sofa. So I volunteered.

Now that we're back in the Shop with Grandma, I have to really play catch up with the newsletter.

First thing.  Mom got a call from our Sewing Machine Repairman's wife this morning. Jack has go into the hospital tomorrow for a health problem and will not be in tomorrow.  I will keep you updated on when he's coming again.  He's going to try to come next week but it his wife says it depends on what happens tomorrow.  She is going to keep us up to date on how Jack is doing. Please keep Jack and his family in your thoughts.

This Saturday from 10a-11a is Free Pattern and Demo Day.  Coffee and cookies will be available.
Don't forget to stop at the cutting table to pick up your Door Prize entry ticket.
Grandma will be showing you how to make this block:
I know some of you prefer the sneek peek photos but Mom was in a hurry so she just took a photo of the entire block.  Grandma is doing something pretty cool with it, though......

On Saturday, February 27th,  we will be hosting Sweet Retreat Dessert Day.  It's an all day mini-retreat.
The Retreat is $50.00 and includes your choice of a Frivol Box (metal collector's box with Moda precuts and pattern) (a $45.99 value), desserts and coffee/tea.  Bring your UFO's & friends for a relaxing day of sweets, treats and sewing.  I will be on hand to clean up any treats you may drop on the floor. Except chocolate.  Mom says no chocolate and that I am not to be left alone in the kitchen.  She's no fun....:(

Next week, February 15-20, we will have 25% off Batiks.  If you love batiks, this is a great time to stock up that stash. You know you want to.

February is almost over already! Before you know it, Spring will be here sprouting up crocus, tulips and daffodils. I'll be glad when it get warm enough for me to play in my swimming pool again.  Without the snow like last year to play in, it's been kinda boring.
But I do have a boxer puppy friend that comes with her Mom to the Shop sometimes to play all day with.  She was here yesterday. We played and played and played. We had so much fun.  I didn't want her to go home. It gets kinda boring at work for me sometimes.  So I complain and annoy Mom & Grandma while they are trying to work.

That's all the news for February.  Hopefully, Jack will be back soon. I hope everyone has a nice Valentine's Day. I hope Mom and Grandma get me some extra special treats for Valentine's Day or maybe, I might just have a Valentine or two out in Newsletter land.....

Keeping you in stitches,
Obi the Wonder Dog, Maryanne and Mary Lou