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Having a Senior Moment

Have you ever put something down..just for a moment...and then lost it?

We are having such a moment.   Maryanne ordered a silk Queen sized batting for's here.  

And now, TA DAH!  the winners of the Winter Follies drawings:
 1st prize - Arrow cutting table - Debbie Bailey
 2nd prize - Accuquilt Go Baby! - Gloria Overbey
 3rd prize - $50 gift certificate - Linda Campbell
 4th prize - Box of sewing notions - Monica Kneller
 5th prize - 3 Sewing Books - Jane Sherwood

Congratulations to all our winners!

Our next big event is the Sweet Retreat.  Spend from 9am to 5pm sewing without interruption.  We'll even provide lunch and desserts!  Bring your UFO's or get a head start on your new project.   $50 fee includes your choice of 1 of 4 Moda Frivols boxes.  Frivols are a tin collector's box of precut fabrics and two patterns...Sweet Retreat date is Saturday, February 27.

Obi is on vacation this week  (as is Maryanne),  but he'sll be returning to write the next newsletter.  

Happy Quilting.