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Fabric Challenge


Hello Quilters!
Now that it's getting a bit less nice & toasty outside, it's time for a Fabric Challenge!

For those who are not familiar with our Fabric Challenge, here are the  guidelines:

  Stop in our Shop between October 19-24, 2015, mention you would like to be part of the Fabric Challenge.
  We will give you 2 small random pieces of fabric. They most likely are not anything we carry here in the Shop.
  Make a small wall hanging no smaller than 24"x24" and no bigger than 30"x30".
  You have to use the 2 pieces of fabric we give you somewhere in your wall hanging.
   You may use up to 4 other fabrics to make the wall hanging.
  Your Fabric Challenge Project has to be turned in by December 7, 2015.
  We will hang the wall hangings up in our Gallery and our customers vote for their favorite wall hanging.
  The Winners are chosen by our customers. (One vote per day)
  Voting will be from December 8-14, 2015.

 You can send in your family & friends, bribe them if necessary. But, remember, they can only vote once a day and they have to be old enough to write the quilt number on their own.
  Some of our customers have had side bets going with their family & friends that are also doing the Fabric Challenge.  It's usually the Winner gets dinner.

The top 3 Winners get a prize or two. The prize is usually a surprise to us, as well. If the Winner is a regular and we have a good idea what would make a good prize, we usually come with something that person would probably like.

It's a fun way to use up a little bit of your stash and have a good excuse to restock your stash. Everyone has some of that "What was I thinking" fabric hidden in your stash. This might be a good way to use some of it.

Your imagination is your only limit. You can use your own design or a published design.
Getting involved with the Fabric Challenge is a great way to think outside your comfort zone and have some fun with some colors and fabric pattern who may not normally chose to work with.

We hope you will join in on our Fabric Challenge. The more the merrier.

Monday is our Columbus Day mini retreat.  We will be making pillow cases for the Janet Weiss Children's Hospital. Feel free to join us between 10a-5p to make pillow cases.  If you have any fabric you would to donate, it would be greatly appreciated. Bring it with you.  We make pillow cases for kids ages 1-18 years old.
If you have someone who doesn't sew that would like to join us, bring them along. We always have a need for ironing & pinning crew members.
We will have coffee, water & soda, along with some munchies available during the retreat.
It's going to be a fun day for everyone.

We hope to see you, soon.

Your thread providers,
Maryanne, Mary Lou and Obi Wan