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Yep, I did forget something....


Yep, I knew I was forgetting something...

Our family has had a tradition for several years of getting together on Columbus Day to make pillowcases for the Oncology Department at Janet Weiss Children's Hospital in Danville, PA.  It all started when a young member of our family was diagnosed with Leukemia. Our youngster was very pale against the white sheets, blankets and pillowcase.  Mom decided our little patient needed some pillow cases to brighten up the room and child.  A nurse mentioned how much the other children admired the cheerful pillow cases.  Mom started making them for the entire department.  Soon I started helping her and then other family members pitched in to make pillow cases for the children.  We have heard many stories about how our pillowcases cheered up the kids and how they were used. Some happy and some tear jerkers.
Our young family member and older sibling went to Cancer Camp. When they returned home, they excitedly told everyone how they saw lots of our pillow cases at Cancer Camp.
We started to have a pillow case day on Columbus Day, since many members of our family had that day off. We get together to make pillow cases. Some do the ironing, some match up fabrics and pin the fabrics together and some sew the pillow cases together.
Thankfully, our young family member is in full remission and is now a moody teenager. We don't complain too much about it because we have said moody teenager in our lives.

This year, we have decided to host a Mini Retreat on Columbus Day, October 12, 2015 at our Shop to make pillow cases. The Retreat will be from 10a-5pm. You are welcome to come and join us for whatever time you have available.
We will have a sheet pizza for lunch, coffee, water and soda will be available.
If you would like to donate some fun fabric for pillowcases, it would be greatly appreciated. We will also have some fabric here to make pillow cases.
We recommend you bring your machine.  Or if you would rather iron or pin pillowcases, that's fine. If you have a friend or family member that would like to attend that doesn't sew, bring them along. They can iron or pin pillowcases.  We get an assembly line going.
If you don't know how to make pillow cases, don't fret. We will be happy to teach you. We all know how to make them.  Yes, even Maryanne can make them.  If I can make them, anyone can.

Our family has made over 600 pillow cases for the children at Janet Weiss Children's Hospital.
We would like to invite you to join us this year in our family tradition.

We hope to see some of you on Columbus Day.

Yours in Stitches,
Maryanne and Mary Lou