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Gee, I hope it starts looking like our logo outside, soon.  Mom gets annoyed with me and my sisters when we play in the mud. She just gives a heavy sigh and says "Bath time!" I don't like getting a bath. So, I'm ready for green grass to roll in and for my pool to get filled up so I can go swimming again.
On April 26, it will be my birthday! I'm going to be 1 years old. Mom & Grandma said it's hard to believe I'm almost 1 already.  I'm hoping to get toys and biscuits for my birthday.

We would like to remind everyone that tomorrow (April 2) is Light up Blue Day. It is to bring awareness to Autism. April is National Autism Month. We would also like you to remember to be patient to parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings and, of course, children with Autism.  They don't mean to act out but they can't help it. Their brains just are not wired like yours and mine & sometimes it's just too much for them.
 We carry puzzle fabric, the symbol for Autism, in our Shop.

Grandma has some interesting classes coming up in April:

Saturday, April 4th is "Color Confidence" This class will help you choose the right fabrics and to understand how color works in making your quilt beautiful. You will learn the basics of Light, Medium, and Dark as well as how to combine your colors.  If you are leery of colors, this would be a great class for you.
10a-2p $40.00

Saturday, April 11th is "Choosing a Pattern" This class will help you choose patterns, break down patterns into easy pieces and how to draft your own patterns.
10a-2p $40

Saturday, April 18th is "Tips and Tricks" Learn that there is more than one way to develop your quilt. Learn some shortcuts to make your quilting life easier.
10a-NOON $25

Supply lists are provided when you sign up for a class
15% Off your class project fabric with purchased at the time you sign up for the class!
Ask about "Multi Class Discounts" when you sign up for more than one class
Can't make a class because of your schedule? No worries, stop in and ask about alternative dates to fit your schedule.

Starting in May, we will be sending out our Weekly Sales by email to help us reduce advertising costs. We will be reducing our published advertising in May.
Mom and Liz have been working on our website to make it better.  It will take a little while but it's starting to look better and they are trying to get all the stuff on the online store up to date.
I wanted to start my own blog but Mom said it wasn't necessary. She has enough things to keep track of, she doesn't need to supervise a blog, too. I told I thought I was old enough to do it myself. After all, I am going to be 1 years old at the end of the month. She just gave me the Mom look and I guess I'm not going to be able to do that. Darn.                                                   

Guess I'll just have to go take a nap instead of blogging.

We have an absolutely beautiful new quilt on display in our Gallery. It is hand pieced and hand quilted by Maureen Paweloko of Chemung, NY. The photos don't do it justice.

Isn't it beautiful? Come in and see this beautiful work of fiber art in person. You will not be disappointed.

Here's hoping for leaves on trees and green grass before the next newsletter.
Have a wonderful Easter! It's this Sunday.

Yours in Quilting,
Obi Wan, Mary Lou and Maryanne