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Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

We're back open today. Inventory is finished! Thank goodness!
It was hard work watching Mom & Grandma count everything in the Shop. Liz & Lauren came in Saturday to help them. I had to take several naps during the day to keep up with them.


Here's what is new for 2015!

We're going to have a Daily Deal. It's NOT going to be advertised, put on Facebook, nor emails sent out.  We will NOT tell you over the phone, either. It will be strictly in store only & the only way you'll know what is on sale is to come in. We will choose the Daily Deal every morning.

From now and until Saturday, January 31th, take an additional 15% Off all Clearance fabrics.  There are still a lot of nice fabrics on the Clearance racks. We really need to move them out so we can get the 2 new Moda collections out on the floor. Mom says it's out of here by the end of January one way or another!

Saturday, January 10th is Free Motion Quilting with Linda Mitchell. Linda will show you how to "tame your sewing machine & learn to free motion quilt on your machine. It will be a fun class & there is still room to sign up.  The class is 10a-3pm and is $49.00.

Saturday, January 17, 24, 31 and February 7 is The Mystery Quilt! Join Mary Lou and Judy Snyder in learning to make this stunning wall hanging. If you buy your fabric when you sign up, you will receive 15% off your Class Project Fabric. This class will be held from 10a-12Noon each day and is $19 for each class.

I got up on the cutting table to see what Grandma is doing with the Mystery Quilt. It looks easy & will look really nice when it's done. I only got a quick peek because Grandma scolding me for having my paws on the cutting table.  I may be short legged but I have a long body & can get up on tables to see what's going on.

Our Fabric Challenge Wall hangings are coming in. We have one more we are waiting for to arrive. Voting for the Fabric Challenge Project will be Monday, January 5th-Saturday, January 10th.
Be sure to come in to vote for your favorite wall hanging and to find out what the Daily Deal is! You can vote once per day. 
We have a Mom, Daughter, and Daughter-in-law entered in this Fabric Challenge Project. The Losers have to buy the Winner lunch or dinner (I forgot which) with this trio of competitors. So, your vote will also decide who gets a free meal & who pays.  As always, we will give out prizes for the top 3 wall hangings.
Remember, Mom gave each entrant 2 random hunks of fabric that had to be used with up to 4 other fabrics to make their wall hanging. Some of them had some really strange fabric to work with. Hence, the Fabric Challenge.

If your up to a Fabric Challenge, Mom will be handing fabric again for the next Fabric Challenge from January 19-January 24. 

This Fabric Challenge will be due by Saturday, March 7th.

All voting is done by popular customer vote. We don't slouch (I just learned that word) on the prizes, either.
It's free, fun & helps you stretch those creative muscles! We make the wall hanging size small, too. The FCP wall hangings are to be no smaller than 24" and no bigger than 30" square.
Get some of your friends to join in, too and make yourselves a fun side wager like the 3 ladies involved in this month's FCP did!

I think it's nap time again. This puppy is tired. Typing with paws & your nose is hard work! Plus, I had to balance on the stool behind the cutting table, cause Grandma is using the office computer. This darn stool keeps turning side to side while I'm trying to type.

We all hope you have a wonderful January! Come in soon to help us get our clearance fabrics out the door and to check out the Daily Deal.  I wouldn't mind some ear scratches, too.

Keeping you in Stitches,