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A Reminder for this weekend


Obi Wan here to remind everyone of our upcoming closing days.

Mom & Grandma are going to Ohio to go to an Open House & bring some quilting supplies back with them.

We will be closed August 23-26, 2014. That's Saturday thru Tuesday. We'll be back open on Wednesday, August 27 at 10:00am.

I have to stay with my friend, Karen, with my big sisters & brother. I don't mind, though. Karen has a big swimming pool just for dogs.  I really wanted to go with Mom & Grandma. bummer

Mom said to let everyone know that we got the CAT & Crazy For Christmas Panels back in. Here's pictures of them:

I've been helping Grandma with her quilting. She really needs my help alot. As you can see, we're talkin' about what to do next. My main job is to greet everybody who comes to visit us. I've been making lots of new friends since starting at FSQS.  I bet I got the best job any puppy could get!
Next week, I will get the September newsletter out.
I almost forgot...If you are a email, could you send us an email to to let us know you got our newsletter, Please.
We have been having problem with the folks not getting their emails.  The webmaster guy said he thinks we might have the problem solved.
Thank You!
Have a great weekend