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12 Days of January- Wednesday Jan.15

Hello quilters
I'll bet you think I forgot the Sale Special for Wednesday, January 15.  Well, I almost did.

Here's what we have for you on Wednesday, January 15.

Its 25% off our Porcupine Bobbin holder.   If you haven't seen these in the shop, they do look like little porcupines with their spikey bobbin holders.  For the lack of a better description, I would call these spikey "fingers".
Your bobbins fit on any one of the numberous fingers, giving you a clear view of the color thread on each bobbin.
I think they are great.  The bobbins fit snuggly are are held in place securely. 
The Porcupine Bobbin holders come in a variety of colors, one is sure to be your favorite.
Oh, yes, and as an added bonus, the Porcupine comes with a couple of pre-wound bobbins.  What more could you ask for??????