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12 Days of January - Tuesday, Jan. 14

Look what's the sale of the day for Tuesday, January 14.

25% off all cutting mats in stock -- big to small.
We all know that the cutting mats are a little pricey, so if its time to replace yours, take advantage of the 25% discount.

If your big mat doesn't need replacing, consider a small mat.  Why?  Its one of the great timesavers of quilting.
Use a small mat on top of the big mat to cut and trim half-square and quarter square triangles, flying geese and small cutting jobs.  Simply turn the small mat as needed so you can easily trim those pieces on all sides without walking around the cutting mat or worse---reaching in an awkward positionn to cut.  I really like to cut oversize pieces because a I get a much more accurate piece by trimming down an oversize half square or quarter square triangle.

If you are cutting smalll squares, accordian fold the strip so the excess sits on the small cuttiing mat and perhaps you don't need to bring out the big mat.
Also note that some of our small mats include small rulers...these too are on sale..