At Friendship Star Quilt Shop we are committed to offering only the highest quality 100% cotton fabrics & notions, to ensure that your quilting and sewing projects will stand the test of time. Our products are reasonably priced and our inventory is always growing and changing…you just never know what you’ll find around here. We have a class schedule that’s sure to suit your needs because as long as mom is in the store…she’ll teach a class at any time! Located in historic downtown Sayre, PA, our shop features a warm, welcoming atmosphere with friendly staff members who are always happy to offer prompt, individualized attention to each customer who walks through our doors.


  Mary Lou is back in the Shop for most days. She is using a walker & is still getting her strength back.
  We have received our first shipment of Northcott's Shimmer Collection.  We should be getting another shipment in the next week or two.
   As many of you may have heard, we are in the process of trying to buy a former daycare building.  We aren't sure if we will be permitted to buy the building.  It is zoned residential and we have to apply to the Athens Township Zoning Board for an exception to conduct business there.
  It isn't looking too promising.  Our lawyer has applied for a cultural exception, as we have classes, sell fabric & quilting/sewing suppiles, so that we may move the quilt shop to this new location.
  According to the Athens Twp Planning Board, we are not cultural.  They claim it's because we make a profit. (There is nothing in the law that says you can't make a profit.) This was just one of many nonsense excuses they came up with.
 On March11, 2014 @ 6:30p, we go in front of the zoning board.   We have been encouraging our local quilters to come to the meeting to educate the zoning board on the cultural & historical art of quilting.
  Wish us luck on our undertaking.